An innovation center with a focus on mobility, Fark Labs is at the same time the second R&D center for Farplas.


It is no less colorful than our logo. We are together with those who think over smart transportation technologies but also those who promote social benefit by supporting woman-focused social initiatives. Our colors even exceed those in our logo. Different age ranges, surprising career backgrounds, personalities quite unlike from
one another… Because colors and diversity is the biggest richness for Fark Labs.


Just have a look at Fark Labs’s colours. If you take a step back and put a direct eye on them, it seems as if they would be clearer, the lines would be more obvious. But no, this is not the case – borders will always remain flu, with colors entangling within each other. We call it not uncertainty but a a flowing state. We remove barriers before channels through which fresh ideas and projects flow, nourishing one another. For us, the best description of creativity is to make connections among things which are unrelated on the surface. We believe in acuteness emerging from togetherness.


The sense of being not completed is not a fault on its own, but rather a value the Fark Labs embraces. A sense of knowing we are not perfected – always driven by the need of surpassing ourselves and wishing to quest and finding the better… What takes us beyond the limits is somehow these “gaps” in our perception. Three white pieces on the logo of the Fark Labs represent such breaks in continuity, though sometimes painful, we hug without a shadow of doubt. Our gaps are at the same time our fertile environment for growth. We want to achieve a harmonious growth both within ourselves and for our new business partnerships – we want to shine but also getting others to shine, we want to gain but also make others gain.
We care for gaps as they provide spaces for new people and new ideas.


We are committed to put forward our values first both within ourselves and also with all our contacts no matter who they are. We call them 5Ps: People, Purpose, Progress, Passion, Persistence.


No matter how complicated they are, it is people who establish companies and systems.
Everything depend on people; starting and ending with us. We always welcome and hug people who appreciate integrity, transparency, principles, reliability and shared intelligence.


Short, medium or long term… Fark Labs always pursues a goal. What keeps us dynamic is our goals, our destination. When we are burdened with hesitancy or pessimism, we turn back
and look at this place. The point where we started first.


We wish to see a future better than today. We believe and promote novelty. Fark Labs is always on the track, progressing on its road. We live the future in our work.


A source of energy is essential for both goals and progress. That source is our passion, born within ourselves and feed us, the passion we share generously with others whenever needed.


Sometimes we need to break stones on our roads, sometimes we need to open new paths where we take a breath and refresh ourselves – but we always and always try and continue taking our journey with persistence.