The Berlin-based electric scooter startup Tier Mobility has received an investment of $ 40 million.

Berlin-based electric scooter startup Tier Mobility has received an additional investment $ 40 million in its Series B, after the $ 60 million investment it received also in its Series B investment round. Moscow-based RTP Global, London-based Novator and an unnamed US company are the companies that made the recent investment.

Tier Mobility announced that the funds will be used for R&D projects, investments in vehicle development, strengthening the management team, expanding the vehicle fleet and going after merger and acquisition opportunities. The company also plans to expand its team and the areas it operates. Tier Mobility recently bought UK-based Pushme Bikes and incorporated the startup’s team. Founded in October 2018, Tier currently operates in over 40 cities across 12 markets worldwide.

When we look at the operation of electric scooter startups in general, we can say that there is a fee per minute along with the opening fee. Tier Mobility differs from other e-scooters at this point. Although the company charges a start fee, it does not charge any fees while driving. That’s why Tier cares about sustainability and recycling and in this way, it reduces costs.

Goodyear announced at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) that it has established a new venture capital fund under the name of Goodyear Ventures

. With this fund, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is expected to allocate $ 100 million to future mobility solutions over the next decade.
Goodyear Ventures aims to maintain Goodyear’s strong link with new mobility trends. In this context, focusing on issues such as collaboration with startup companies and investment in these companies for sustainable, safe and new mobility experiences that make connecting easier every day.
Goodyear Chairman and CEO Richard J. Kramer; “Goodyear is a technology-focused mobility company, seeking to collaborate with different opinion leaders in mobility from small startups to proven business models. Goodyear Ventures further enhances our efforts to influence how people move in the future and shape the future in this direction. “he said.

Industry and Technology Minister Varank was the guest of AA Editor’s Desk.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, the day of the opening of Turkey’s car introduced
Stating that there are targets related to the Informatics Valley, “We want to create a cluster that will develop ‘smart mobility’ in the valley. After the launch, 32 companies have applied.” said.
Varank made statements about the agenda and answered questions at the Anadolu Agency (AA) Editor’s Desk.
Expressing that it is necessary to be a manufacturer and not a user of new technologies to compete with the world, Varank said that this can be done with technology development regions.
Varank, “We have objectives related to IT Valley. Turkey’s Automotive Development Group (TOGG) come here with the ‘mobility ecosystem’ are going to implement. Here ‘intelligent mobility’ We want to create an agglomeration to improve. Launch after the 32 firms was the applicant. R & D activities Companies that operate in connected technologies, 5G systems, autonomous driving technologies and battery management systems want to start their work here. ” he spoke.
Touching on Turkey Varank last year created the Open Source Platform, where the further development of domestic open-source software, thus reducing the dependence on foreign sources and said they wanted to prevent potential risks.
Varank, pointing out that good examples in the United States in this area, “mAlArlA clustered around open source beautiful things can be achieved. We want to ignite the fuse of it in Turkey. IT Valley on we will establish a software school the next generation. This is one of the schools will provide a new generation of open source training it will be.” used expressions.

Karsan won the Polish Tender.

Offering modern solutions to cities with public transportation systems, Karsan won the bus tender for Plock Municipality of Poland.
Within the scope of the tender, Karsan will deliver a total of 7 of the 8 meter class Atak model to Plock Municipality. Karsan Atak’s will provide an advantage in the transportation network that allows maximum 12 meters buses due to factors such as Plock’s historical texture and intensive fishing activities around the river that divides the city into two.
Stating that they have already delivered 41 Atak and Jest vehicles to Poland and that the new tender for the city of Plock was received by Karsan, Karsan Assistant General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu said, “With different passenger capacities and sizes; From diesel to electrical product family, we continue to produce vehicles according to the needs of every region, especially Europe, and as we roll over kilometers on the roads, we continue to be preferred. We realize the first foreign sales of 2020, in which we have further increased our export targets, to Poland. We are happy to present our comfortable Atak buses, which are suitable for the texture of the city of Plock, to the transportation of the region.

Japanese tech giant Sony exhibited an electric car prototype at the CES 2020 fair in Las Vegas. The

Japanese tech giant Sony exhibited an electric car prototype at the CES 2020 fair in Las Vegas. The car is under the roof of Sony’s new Vision-S initiative that focuses on mobility.
In the statements made just before the vehicle appeared on the scene, Sony Corporation’s president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida emphasized the company’s emphasis on mobility and
“It is not an exaggeration to say that mobile is the mega trend of the last decade, but I believe that the next mega trend will be mobility.” he added.

Who Will Use This Car On The Moon?

The moon may be a barren, cold, atmospheric rock piece, but it has a very important place for the space age. It plays a key role in space studies, as it is an easy-to-launch launch pad that opens into deep space, both in the mines it owns and the earth.
While US President Trump has ordered NASA to go back and establish a Moon base… So the Moon will be on our agenda again in the near future. Luxury car manufacturer Lexus has released 7 different car / rover / engine designs that will work on the moon to turn this situation into an advertisement material.
It is known that design, which is a completely conceptual study, will not become a reality or it can use many different technologies even if it happens. However, it is thought that the transportation needs of astronauts, engineers and miners will be met by such vehicles in the bases to be established on the Moon.
It is also noteworthy that the vehicles will be magnetically ventilated from the ground, moving without any connection to the ground, thus providing an effective and fast, smooth and comfortable journey. Although this kind of technology is not yet possible, according to Lexus, this magnetic technology will need to be developed for lunar vehicles. In a low gravity environment, if the wheeled vehicles hit a rock, stone, obstacle hump at high speeds, the reverse power vectors are expected to be much harder. This will make it easier for the vehicles to lose their balance, topple over and to cause accidents.
So according to Lexus, the effective vehicles to be produced for the Moon must be without wheels. Let’s see how they can achieve this, we will see that these technologies have emerged while our base on the Moon is being established.

The first smart forest city in the world will be established in Cancun Region of Mexico

“World”s first smart forest city, which is aimed to be established in the Cancun region of Mexico, was designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti studio, known for its architectural projects in this field. The landscape architecture of the city will be made by Laura Gatti. The architect of the gradual transportation of the city is “Mobility In Chain”. More than 7.5 million plants will live in harmony with 130 thousand people in the world’s first smart forest city. The balance between the amount of green fields and the building footprint has been adjusted so that the city will be able to collect 116,000 tons of carbondioxide from the air and stock 5,500 tons annually. The city, which can be completely self-sufficient in the field of food and energy, will have a semi-autonomous and electrical mobility system. The smart forest city will actually be building on an area devoted to a giant shopping center. The goal is; to regain such a large area to the nature. In the project, millions of plants of 400 different species selected by botanist and landscape architect Laura Gatti will be planted in the city area. About 400 hectares of the city’s total area will consist of green areas. These green spaces are designed as public parks, private gardens, green roofs and green facades. Mobility In Chain (MIC) has offered a special tier transportation system for the smart city. In this system, visitors will not be able to enter with their vehicles and leave them in the parking areas on the edge of the city. From there, the point to be reached in the city will be reached by electric or semi-autonomous vehicles.


Mobility; changes our way of living, travel and purchasing, transforms all aspects of our lives. The mobility systems of tomorrow will probably be very different from existing systems in many countries today; because it will place the individual and common travel systems at the center of important innovations. It is necessary to develop new policies, creative designs, new solutions and new technologies by investing in the transportation system to develop smart solutions that will allow passengers to move faster and safer. Pollution and traffic density are among the reasons that make this necessary.


As Fark Holding Companies, we took part in CES 2020

As Fark Holding companies, we’ve attended CES 2020 Las Vegas, the most important consumer electronics fair of the year, for the second time.

Our brands; firstly Farplas; Faraero / Farform, Farel and under the Fark Labs’ roof brands, FPlus Ventures, CSUM, Comodif and DUCKT presented their products and services to the visitors at the booth.

Toyota Established Kinto For Mobility Services.

Toyota has announced that it has established Kinto, the brand that provides mobility services across Europe.
According to Toyota’s statement, Kinto will provide services to offer different mobility solutions to people around the world as part of Toyota’s global vision of evolving into the mobility company.
With this new brand announced at the “Kenshiki 2020 Forum” held in Amsterdam, Toyota aims to expand its mobility services with a strategy based on four main topics in addition to the sales of its private customers and fleet vehicles.
Toyota wants to attract corporate customers and individual users, increase its share in the rental market, and use the power of connection services such as vehicle sharing or membership, will also work to integrate autonomous transportation services to be used in the future.